Word Buzz Wednesday: plogging, Mongee banana, Holdo Maneuver


Welcome to Word Buzz Wednesday, your go-to place for the most interesting words of the week. The latest: the Scandinavians are it again; an incredible edible banana peel; and herebe The Last Jedi spoilers.


“Unlike the other Swedish lifestyle trend of lagom, which is all about being balanced, content, and centered, plogging sounds downright exhausting. But also pretty fulfilling.”

Andrea Romano, “This Swedish Fitness Trend Is Good for Both You and the Environment,” Travel+Leisure, January 29, 2018

Plogging refers to the act of running and “picking up litter as you go,” says Travel+Leisure. The term blends the Swedish plocka, to pick, and jogga, to jog.

Mongee banana

“Like all other fruit in the country, the Mongee banana isn’t cheap. A single piece of the fruit costs $5.75.”

Janissa Delzo, “Japanese People Are Eating Six-dollar Bananas with a Peel You Can Eat,” Newsweek, January 27, 2018

According to SoraNews24, mongee (pronounced “mon-gay”) is Okayama slang for “incredible.” Okayama Prefecture is the only place in Japan that grows this kind of banana.


“He doesn’t know why microcuentos fell out of favor; perhaps because TV became more accessible.”

Molly Glentzer, “Exhibit explores comic-book curiosities known as microcuentos,” Houston Chronicle, January 24, 2018

Microceunto is a Spanish word that means “mini-comic,” and might also be translated as “flash fiction.” The pocket-sized books, says the Houston Chronicle, “are about 4-by-6-inches,” typically “92 pages,” and “were produced fast, and cheaply, in color-coded inks that varied by genre, including suspense stories, science-fiction yarns, romances and histories.”

hot wallet

“It kept customer assets in what’s known as a hot wallet, which is connected to external networks.”

Pavel Alpeyev and Yuji Nakamura, “How to Launder $500 Million in Digital Currency: QuickTake Q&A,Bloomberg, January 29, 2018

Hot and cold wallets hold digital assets like Bitcoin or Litecoin. The basic difference is, says Medium, is that hot wallets are connected to the Internet while cold ones aren’t.

Holdo Maneuver

“According to him, despite your complaints, what’s known as the ‘Holdo Maneuver’ isn’t really a plot hole at all.”

Corey Plante, “‘The Last Jedi’ Director Rian Johnson Further Defends That Big ‘Plot Hole,’” Inverse, January 25, 2018

The Holdo Maneuver refers to a character in Star Wars: The Last Jedi  making “the jump to hyperspace inside of a another ship,” says Inverse, apparently a tactic never seen before in the Star Wars universe and assumed to be not possible.

[Image via SoraNews24]