Search Term Autocomplete

The search box now automatically fetches the first 10 words that match what you’ve entered, and updates the list as you type.

I’m finding this more useful than I expected it to be, personally. I’ve been using it as a sort of spell-checker. A whoopee-cushion, hand-buzzer sort of spell checker: it shows you how people have spelled things in Wordie, not how they’re actually spelled–and misspellings in Wordie are legion. But it’s interesting to see even the mistakes.

This suggests a slew of possible future features: actual spellcheck, improved search (comments search, in particular), integration with a proper dictionary. Things to looks forward to, someday.

One thought on “Search Term Autocomplete

  1. This raises the topic of misspellings, and what should be done about them. I’m as guilty of faulty spelling as anyone, and usually realise I’ve misspelled a word when I find I’m the first person on Wordie to list it!

    What do you think should be done about misspellings, if anything? It’s a bit difficult to be bullish about them when made-up words are allowed!

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