I’ve been coming across lots of online glossaries lately; here are some of the ones I’ve particularly enjoyed (possibly my fav: the cheese glossary. though maybe I’m just hungry). If you’re creating a Wordie list on a specific topic (scissors and shears, anyone?), these are a goldmine.

Many of these were discovered through the web site of Frank Dietz, a man who clearly loves glossaries. Thanks Frank!

I’ll be updating this list as more gems crop up. If there’s a glossary you’d like to see included, let me know in the comments.

Acroynms, military
Advertising (University of Texas at Austin)
Agriculture (New Mexico State University)
Art (ArtLex)
Aviation (AeroFiles)
Beer (Chowbaby)
Beer (Foster’s Group)
Building Terms (
Business (Foley Hoag)
Business Dictionary (
Business (Washington Post)
Cars (AutoSpeak)
Catholic Terms
Catholic Terms (US Conference of Catholic Bishops)
Cheese Terms (Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board)
Cigars (Chowbaby)
Coffee (Chowbaby)
Color (SAP Design Guild)
Computer & Internet (
Food (Chowbaby)
Footwear (
Furniture (
Glossaries (
Glossaries (Frank Dietz)
Hospital Healthcare (Montevideo Hospital)
Industrial Nuts (Industrial Nut Corp.)
Investing and Finance (
Islamic Law (Mutma’inaa)
Islamic Terms (University of Southern California)
Jewish Terms (
Lighting (Lithonia Lighting)
Lighting Design (Schorsch)
Law (NOLO)
Linguistics (SIL)
Nautical Terms (
Online News Terms (USC Annenberg Online Journalism Review)
Pest Management (University of California)
Philosophy (Stanford)
Plastics (American Chemistry Council)
Poetic Terms (University of Toronto)
Publishing (Rainwater Press)
Printmaking Terms (University of Kansas Spencer Museum of Art)
Radio terms (University of Delaware)
Railroad Terms (San Diego Railroad Museum)
Real Estate (Gibbons Realty)
Roofing Terms (
Sailing (SailingLinks)
Scissors and Shears (Claussco)
Sex (
Sikh Terms (Sandeep Singh Brar)
Solar Heating (Go Solar)
Spirits, as in liquor, not ghosts (Chowbaby)
Subtitler’s and Translator’s Tools (
Sushi (Chowbaby)
Tea (Chowbaby)
Telecommunications (CHR Solutions)
Telecommunications (National Telecommunications and Information Administration)
Theater (CalPoly)
TV Advertising (Audience Analytics)
Weather Terms (
Wine (Chowbaby)
Wine (Foster’s Group)

4 thoughts on “Glossaralia

  1. Thanks for the great post. As a word addict, I have now bookmarked this on my Blinklist to share w/others.

  2. This is a great list. Two additional suggestions would be for investing and finance definitions (over 6,000) and, which has over 20,000 business terms.

  3. Good list, John. To complement the Publishing and TV Advertising glossaries, here is a nice one that covers the radio industry.

    On a sadder note, I see that it took only about a month for your Cheese Glossary link to bite the dust. Too bad; I was looking forward to it.

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