Faster, Wordie, Kill! Kill!

A word about what’s been going on with the site. Wordie finally outgrew the basic hosting it launched on, so this week I moved it to a new home, a VPS on Slicehost. I’d like to think that eventually Wordie will need a dedicated server, but this should do for a while, I hope.

While I was at it I ported Errata over to Blogger, as you may have deduced from the new look. I was hesitant to do this, since I didn’t want to disturb the existing posts and comments, but I decided the benefits outweighed the minor headaches. My Wordie time is better spent working on the site itself, rather than futzing with blog software. I moved all the old posts over to Blogger, and sucked out the old comments as well, though I have yet to attach them to the new posts (I’ll do that soon).

Lastly, I spent some time this afternoon optimizing the db, which sped some pages up 10x. May or may not be noticeable to you, dear reader, but at the least it should help the site better handle traffic spikes, like when William Safire did that “On Language” column about Wordie last week*.

Hopefully this puts site infrastructure in good stead for now, which will both let me get back to building features, and allow Errata to focus less on web development, and more on words and language.

*not true

4 thoughts on “Faster, Wordie, Kill! Kill!

  1. Many thanks for all your good work. The new layout of Wordie looks great, and it does seem significantly faster.

  2. Wordie looks fantastic, John–thanks for taking the time and trouble to spiff it up! Now, if only I could get it working again at my job. (Well, a person has to have *some* work breaks, right?)

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