DNS limbo

Apologies for Wordie going kind of bonkers while I sorted out DNS issues related to changing hosts. I just ironed out some config kinks on the new server, the transfer finally went through, and from reports in the field, they seems to have propagated throughout the pipes.

If this outage really has you hot and bothered, this might soothe you.

4 thoughts on “DNS limbo

  1. Alright, we’re back in business! But is there any chance you could adjust the typography in the new Errata design? It hurts my eyes. 😉

  2. Yeah, I’ll definitely be noodling with the template, or altering the design altogether. I’ll also figure out a way to get the old comments attached back to the old posts.

  3. Zoiks! What a mess. But I’m still looking forward to the all-new, improved, A-Number-One, Best of Web Wordie. Thanks for torturing yourself on our behalf, John.

  4. Yeah, a total mess. Again, sorry for smurphing things up with no warning — I should have put up a “going down for maintenance tonight” warning, but I thought it was going to take twenty minutes, not a full day.

    I think it’s pretty much cleaned up now. As usual Wordie progresses in a two-steps-forward, one-back, stick your right leg in, pat-head-and-ruby-belly fashion. Hopefully the site’s a bit faster for it. And now, I’m hoping I can take a break from breaking things, and get back to building new things to break.

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