Comments now above the fold

As some of you have noticed, the layouts of the front page and the word pages have been changed. Listing words is fun, but the meat of Wordie is in the comments and the repartee, so I thought the conversations should be raised in prominence. Feedback and suggestions for improvement are, as always, welcome.

6 thoughts on “Comments now above the fold

  1. Great idea, John–beats having to scroll down for the latest comments (which I always do anyway). Thanks for all the nifty changes!

  2. The new format is much appreciated. Good work! How often does the home page update? Once a day or more often? Another thing, I note that some words have been changed (and to me made incomprehensible) by what appears to be a font support issue? For instance, the Phobia-in-Greek-letters list now is titled with a meaningless (to me, anyway) cryptogram. Can you enlighten me as to what happened and/or whether it’s fixable? I recently deleted a word that I couldn’t decipher and figured I had somehow inadvertently added “fat-finger” style. Or is this something to do with my browser (Mozilla)?

  3. I’m not sure what I did to the unicode characters, but I’m trying to fix it right now. Will post back once I’ve figured it out.

  4. Tom and anonymous, international characters should be working again. Thanks for pointing out the issue.

  5. Oh, Tom, about the home page refresh rate: it used to be every 10 minutes, but that was another casualty of the server change, and I’ve been doing it manually, and randomly, for the last week or so. But that it’ll be every 10 or 15 minutes once I get the updating mechanism back in action.

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