Wordie becomes xenophobic, gets over it

So as a few of you noticed, I screwed up the database transfer from the old hosting company to the new, and rendered all non-English characters unreadable. I just re-did the transfer of the old data, merged it with the stuff that’s been added since the transfer, and, knock on wood, all the words with Chinese and German and Greek and Hebrew and Arabic (I think) characters, along with ones in a bunch of languages I didn’t recognize, should be working again. I’m sorry if that startled anyone else. It scared the crap out of me, frankly, when I thought for a moment that we’d permanently lost all that good stuff.

This did provide an interesting data point. Of the 90,031 unique words in Wordie when I did the transfer, 1,973, or around 2.2%, contained unicode characters. A few of those are accented English words or words entered with ligatures, but the great majority are in other languages. Hopefully that number will grow, and hopefully someday Wordie can cater fully to other languages, with localized and translated versions.

Tomorrow I’ll fix the comments and profile info that contain international characters, but for tonight I’m going to quit while I’m ahead. Let me know if you come across any words or lists that are still munged.

update, 9/11/07: The unicode in the comments is fixed now, too.