Come In, We’re Open!

Come in, were open!

Photo by, and licensed from, Gary Simmons.

Hey folks! Wordnik is now in open beta!

What does that mean? Well, you no longer need a username and password to check out the site (although you do still need one to leave notes, record pronunciations, and add related words and tags). Come on over and check us out!

We’re still in beta, though, so please don’t be alarmed if things don’t work perfectly smoothly — we’re working hard to add more words, more data, more cool, interesting, and informative features, and just more MORE in general!

Feel free to leave us feedback at any word—and have fun exploring words with Wordnik!

7 thoughts on “Come In, We’re Open!

  1. Great site, this will be my main dictionary from now on!! firefox search plugin works really well, but how about one placed in mycroft?

  2. Hi,
    This is really great!
    I love words and this looks like a great place to mine!

    One, peeve. The RED Feedback tab, covers up the words on the left side of the page. is very annoying! can it me moved some place else, like to the bottom left. Then it doesn’t hit you before you have read the page and made an opinion you want to put in the feedback!


  3. Erin,

    Your TED talk was the first TED talk I ever saw. So I was thrilled to see that your TED wish was coming to fruition.

    I apologize if this is not the correct place for general feedback but I could not find any other way. When entering definitions and notes I discovered that your system strips out all carriage returns. This converts a relatively sanely formatted entry into a semi-ee-cummingsated blob that is far less intelligible. Please preserve the carriage returns in entries.

    And congratulations on fulfilling your dream.

    Grant Robertson

    P.S. My new word is “ideationizing.”

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