We want your lists!

As you may know, every day, along with our Word of the Day, we tweet a List of the Day, or LOTD. Sometimes we pick lists based on a theme, like words from Scottish culture for Scots Week, and words from Star Trek for Science Fiction Week. Other times we picks lists just because we like them, like this one on coin collecting terms or this one on smelly synonyms (and who could resist the title, Stink Different?).

Now it’s your turn. For the month of February, nominate your favorite list to be a List of the Day. This can be your own list or someone else’s. You can also nominate as many lists as you want. If we pick your list, you’ll get a Wordnik T-shirt.

Here’s what we need from you:

  • The link to your list
  • Your Wordnik username
  • Your T-shirt size (Men’s S, M, L, XL, 2 XL) (Women’s S, M, L)

You can put the info in the comments of this post or email it to wordnik@feedback.com with the subject line, “List of the Day nominee.”

Have yet to make a list? First you’ll want to signup for a user account (don’t worry, it’s free), after which just click on your user name in the top right hand corner. From the drop down menu, click New List. Then start adding away!

Here’s even more info on lists, a whole bunch of lists at once, and the Community page which has the newest lists.

We look forward to seeing your nominations!

Wordnik’s New Word Page: Lists

Continuing our walk through our revamped word page (last week we talked about the expanded Related Words section), today we’ll look at Lists.

Let’s use last week’s example, tree. Here’s the top of the word page:

Click on List and you’ll be taken to this section of the page:

On the left, you’ll see some of our favorite lists containing tree (determined by our own brand of interestingness).  To the right, you’ll see your own lists.  Toggling the check box on and off a particular list adds or takes away the given word from that list.

Click the check box to add word to list.

Click on the check box again to remove the word from the list.

If you hover over a particular list, you’ll see view to the right.

Click view and you’ll be taken to the page of that particular list.

Going back to the word page, scroll down a bit and you’ll see even more lists that contain that word, along with the number of words in each list.

Curious about our favorite lists? Check out this post celebrating the milestone of 25,000 user-generated lists, and follow us on Twitter or Facebook to keep up with our lists of the day.

25,000 Lists!

Congratulations, Wordniks and Wordies! This week we passed 25,000 lists*!

What is a list? A list is just a collection of words that anyone with a Wordnik account can create. The words may be related or not, real or not, common or proper, single words or phrases. It’s really up to you.

At Wordnik, we like lists so much that we share one every day on Twitter — our List of the Day. With more than 25,000, we have a lot to choose from!

There are lists that are weatherrelated, colorrelated, or that make us hungry. There are lists that play with words, describe words, and have fun with sound. There are lists that bring back memories, celebrate a holiday or an author (like Shakespeare). There are lists that are sporty, sleepy, scary, or spicy; vegetable or animal; hot or cold; naughty, naughtier, and naughtiest.

The Community page shows you what other Wordniks are doing with their lists, as well as recent activity, such as words that have been recently listed, the latest lists, and the most-commented-on lists and words. You can also find recently viewed words, the latest comments, recent pronunciations, and recent favorites.

Now go and make your own list. We know you want to.

*Special thanks to mollusque for bringing this awesome stat to our attention.