25,000 Lists!

Congratulations, Wordniks and Wordies! This week we passed 25,000 lists*!

What is a list? A list is just a collection of words that anyone with a Wordnik account can create. The words may be related or not, real or not, common or proper, single words or phrases. It’s really up to you.

At Wordnik, we like lists so much that we share one every day on Twitter — our List of the Day. With more than 25,000, we have a lot to choose from!

There are lists that are weatherrelated, colorrelated, or that make us hungry. There are lists that play with words, describe words, and have fun with sound. There are lists that bring back memories, celebrate a holiday or an author (like Shakespeare). There are lists that are sporty, sleepy, scary, or spicy; vegetable or animal; hot or cold; naughty, naughtier, and naughtiest.

The Community page shows you what other Wordniks are doing with their lists, as well as recent activity, such as words that have been recently listed, the latest lists, and the most-commented-on lists and words. You can also find recently viewed words, the latest comments, recent pronunciations, and recent favorites.

Now go and make your own list. We know you want to.

*Special thanks to mollusque for bringing this awesome stat to our attention.

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