Adopt-a-Word Un-Birthday Sale

February 27, 2015

We say it’s our birthday! Well, sort of. You may remember back in February 2012 when Wordnik turned one. But wait a minute, you might be thinking, hasn’t Wordnik been around longer than that? It has. We were incorporated on Leap Day 2008, which means that technically we have a birthday only once every four […]

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Word Buzz Wednesday: da sao chu; hole punch cloud; jigaboo

February 25, 2015

It’s Wednesday, and that means two things: the week is halfway over and it’s time for Word Buzz Wednesday! This week: Spring Festival cleaning; a freaky cloud-formation; and a fauxpology about a racist word. da sao chu “One of the biggest Lunar New Year traditions in China — besides the red envelopes and parades — […]

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Like billy-o! Our Favorite Words of Downton Abbey, Season 5

February 23, 2015

Another season of Downton Abbey is ending, which means another batch of our favorite Downton Abbey words. The fifth season (or series, the British way) takes place in 1924. Vladimir Lenin has died, Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue was performed for the first time, and Calvin Coolidge was elected President of the U.S. Meanwhile, over in […]

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Word Buzz Wednesday: Beck’ed, Brownbacking, measles party

February 18, 2015

Happy Wednesday! It’s time for the latest buzzworthy words that caught our eye. This week: a Beck-worthy eponym, a new Jon Stewart-ism, and a party you definitely don’t want to go to. Beck’ed “Kanye West has been ‘BECK’ed’!” Yaron Steinbuch, “Kanye’s free NYC concert gets ‘BECK’d’,” The New York Post, February 13, 2015 To be […]

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Happy Mardi Gras! Everyone Loves Parade Words

February 17, 2015

Happy Fat Tuesday! This is your last chance before Lent to partake in revelry and debauchery — or if you don’t practice Lent, just another excuse to revel and debauch. Today’s post is more festive than depraved as we delve into nine parade words, from the disapproving — and noisy — French, to secret New […]

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The Best of Jon Stewart Words

February 12, 2015

We didn’t want to believe it but it’s true: Jon Stewart is leaving The Daily Show. While it’s been a while since we’ve covered the most trusted man in America for our Word Soup column, we still have vivid memories of our favorite Stewart-isms, from words in the news, to original portmanteaus, to guest-coined neologisms. […]

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Word Buzz Wednesday: impression management; omspreading; vaccine delayer

February 11, 2015

It’s time for one of our favorite things — new words! Some are newly coined (also known as neologisms); some are just new to us. All are buzzworthy. This week: managing your impressions; the zen of subway-spreading; and adding to the vaccine debate. anticipation “The  phenomenon, which geneticists call ‘anticipation,’ is common in other genetic […]

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