Wordy Birdie on Twitter

From the Twitter Blog:

Wordy Birdie is a game that works within Twitter. The creator, Dan Grigsby, describes it as ‘part buzzword bingo, part drinking game.’ You earn points by predicting what words people you follow will use in their updates.”

I haven’t played, but it looks fun. Another example of how Twitter is “the right kind of stupid,” as Jacob Harris admiringly put it. Which is to say, it’s simple and has a good API, so it lends itself to creative reuse.

Some Wordies have taken it upon themselves to create games, an effort I heartily applaud. And I’m all ears if anyone has any suggestions for “official” Wordie games. Ideally they’d be simple both to play and to code, and wouldn’t require much in the way of moderation or refereeing. Suggestions in the comments, s’il vous plaît.