Wordnik + Wordie

Wordnik + Wordie

Photo by, and licensed from, mybloodyself.

We are very excited to announce that John McGrath of Wordie.org is joining Wordnik … and that Wordie.org is joining Wordnik, too.

John brings tons of experience in making word-lovers happy, plus a great background in data visualization and Cool Web Stuff (we lured him away from the special web projects team at the New York Times). We’re thrilled he’s decided to make connecting people and words his day job!

We also feel like kids at Christmas at the prospect of merging all the great things we love about Wordie.org—the fantastic word discussion threads, the great lists, the fun user profile pages—with the torrents of data that we’re amassing here at Wordnik HQ, and having John around to help us make a site that is useful, friendly, helpful, and most of all, fun!

For the moment (while John moves to join us in California and settles in) neither Wordniks nor Wordies will see any big changes. We’ll be planning and plotting and figuring out how best to add Wordie’s right brain to Wordnik’s left (and Wordie’s chocolate to Wordnik’s peanut butter) so that we can build the best darn dictionary of the future possible.

7 thoughts on “Wordnik + Wordie

  1. I’m super happy to hear this news, delighted for you both, and can’t wait to see how you integrate the functionality and communities you’ve got going on.

    Mmmm nyerds. You do good stuff.

  2. The link above to John’s Wordie post is broken. Your Not Found page is very nice, though. And I wish my own email address were “youarebroken@wordnik.com”.

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