Wordnik is becoming a not-for-profit!

Today we’re happy to announce that Wordnik.com, the world’s biggest online dictionary, has started the process of becoming a not-for-profit corporation, with the mission of collecting and sharing data for every word in the English language.

Since 2008, Wordnik has tried to be the place where every word — no matter how rare, weird, new, or ephemeral — could have a home. More than a hundred thousand Wordniks have made Wordnik.com their choice — not just for looking up (several million) words every day, but for creating a community for leaving helpful comments, adding useful tags, and making over forty thousand educational, entertaining, and just plain amazing word lists.

As part of Reverb Technologies, the word graph that we’ve created has shown tremendous commercial value in delivering remarkable insights about content and users.

As part of Wordnik.com, we’ll continue to develop and support the Wordnik API, too — expect some exciting announcements on that front in the next few months. (You can always find information on Reverb’s open-source API description framework at swagger.io.)

Reverb Technologies is continuing (and how!) with its goal of making meaningful connections for readers and publishers. Check out Reverb at helloreverb.com!

We hope you will support us in our mission to share all the words. Please email us at feedback@wordnik.com with any suggestions, questions, or advice!

One thought on “Wordnik is becoming a not-for-profit!

  1. I noticed that, at http://blog.wordnik.com/wordnik-is-becoming-a-not-for-profit , there is a hyperlink (displayed as “amazing”, in the phrase “[…] and just plain amazing word lists.”) — and it points to [the URL] https://www.wordnik.com/lists/let-s-play !

    but, wait a minute! That word list — (“let-s-play”) — seems to have an entry for [quote] “party popper”; But Wordnik does not seem to have an entry for (the 2-word phrase) “party popper”!
    Wordnik DOES have
    https://www.wordnik.com/words/party%20pooper … so, is it possible that “party pooper” is what was intended? for the word list “let-s-play”?

    Just a comment! /slash, question!
    🙂 !
    Mike Schwartz

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