What’s Happening with Wordnik: News and Events

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TED 2016, PyCon, and a Leap Day birthday — these are just some of the shenanigans Wordnik will be getting into in the upcoming months. Check them all out.

The First 100,000 Funded Kickstarter Projects in 100 Numbers

What a way to start the month: Wordnik’s Kickstarter campaign to find a million missing words got a mention in Kickstarter’s post on Medium about 100,000 projects that have gotten funded. Thanks Kickstarter!

While our campaign has concluded, you can still help us out by adopting a word.

PyCon 2016: Putting 1 Million New Words into the Dictionary

Speaking at PyCon this year spring will be Manuel Ebert of summer.ai, the machine learning organization we’ve been working with to find and gather data on those missing million words.

TED 2016: What words will Erin McKean find this year?

TED 2016 kicks off this week! In addition to talks from the greatest thinkers around the world, our fearless leader Erin McKean will be presenting her picks for the most interesting words of the conference. Check out her choices from last year and 2014.

If you’re following the TED livestream and hear an interesting word, let Erin know at @emckean with the hashtag #wordsatTED.

Happy Birthday to Us: Wordnik turns 2!

Because Wordnik was incorporated on Leap Day 2008, we’re only turning two this year, but that’s plenty big enough for our very own birthday party. If you’re in the Bay Area, please join us on Monday, February 29 at the Heavybit Clubhouse. There will be word games and cake!