Welcome JeanFrancois!

We are very happy to welcome both JeanFrancois Arcand and Atmosphere to Wordnik!

JF at Wordnik

JeanFrancois already improving the Atmosphere at Wordnik

JeanFrancois is a contributor to the extremely popular Apache Tomcat web server and created the GlassFish web container. He authored project Grizzlyand the Glassfish v3 micro-kernel, a framework for creating NIO and HTTP applications. JeanFrancois led the GlassFish Application Server project including its migration to open-source. Grizzly was one of the first production ajax push+comet frameworks, the technology which brought “chat” to the web.

At Ning and Sonatype he went on to author the Asynchronous HTTP Client (AHC), a client library for asynchronous java remote event processing. He conceived of Atmosphere, a framework for real-time communications through HTTP streaming, Comet, and WebSockets and has been leading it ever since. He was an active member for NIO.2 and Servlet 3.0 JSP committee.

JeanFrancois will work on Wordnik’s software architecture and algorithms, and Wordnik will become the sponsor of the open-source Atmosphere framework. We welcome him and his framework to the team!

4 thoughts on “Welcome JeanFrancois!

  1. Congrats to both!

    Minor correction: AHC was originally written while he worked at Ning, although he continued working on it at Sonatype as well.

  2. Right you are, I corrected the post, thanks for pointing that out. By the way, we’re huge fans of Jackson and CowTalk as well. Thank you much for these contributions!

  3. Génial, c’est aussi le gars qui est incapable de jouer à une version plus à jour que NHL 1994. 🙂

    Go J-F go!

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