The House That Wordie Built

And by house I’m not talking about a metaphorical or metaphysical empire of words–I’m talking about an actual house. In which one climbs the bookcase staircase to take a seat under the rafters, surrounded by dictionary plastered walls.

A few of these touches by themselves might be just whimsical, but combine them all and the motif is full-bore OCD, where Martha Stewart gets her MLS and stops taking her meds, a house in which you can’t not read.

And where you sleep under these bed linens, which tell their own bedtime story. Thanks to reesetee for the link, via Miss Cellania.

You’ll be all the cozier knowing the place is insulated with newspaper. Finally a good argument for a physical newspaper instead of the online version: higher R value.

One thought on “The House That Wordie Built

  1. This sounds like a lovely home to live in. I think Wordie should open a word filled Bed & Breakfast. What a great escape for writers who are experiencing writer’s block (inspiring words are everywhere)!

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