Our Most Popular Posts of 2015


It’s been another wordy year for Wordnik. We continued our Adopt a Word program, made our Kickstarter goal (thanks again everybody!), and talked about all things word-nerdy on this blog.

We looked into the language of snow, surfing, taste, cotton candy, and even lavatories. We were surprised by some of the words coined by the likes of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Walter Scott, and George Bernard Shaw. We continued our television addiction with write-ups on the lexicon of Community, VEEP, and the final season of Mad Men.

Today we’re ringing in 2016 by celebrating our 10 most popular posts of the year.

  1. Herman Melville: A Whale of a Lexicon

Cetology, plum-puddinger, slobgollion — not surprising from the author of Moby Dick. But cholo and nightlife? We never would have thought. Plus snivelization, “civilization considered derisively as a cause of anxiety or plaintiveness,” should definitely be used more often.

  1. Congratulations! It’s a Word!

Want to adopt a word but not sure what word to pick? This round up of early adopters will inspire you.

  1. For Whom the Words Toll: 10 Terms Coined by Ernest Hemingway

From byline to shit-faced to Yugo, these are some of our favorite words coined by the one-time journalist, bullfighting aficionado, and marrier of many spouses.

  1. The Best of Jon Stewart Words

2015 was the year we said goodbye to Jon Stewart — at least from The Daily Show. To honor his 17-year stint as the most trusted man in America, we got all nerdy-glazy and presented 12 of our all-time favorite Daily Show words.

  1. Game of Words: Our 14 Favorite Words from ‘Game of Thrones,’ Season 5

Speaking of the awesomeness of Peter Dinklage, our sixth most popular post was a gaggle of Game of Throne terms. The new season is supposed to start in April so you still have a few months to catch up.

  1. Like billy-o! Our Favorite Words of Downton Abbey, Season 5

Our favorite source of meaningful glances, acerbic quips, and an anachronism or two.

  1. 12 Wonderful Words from TED

Wordnik all started with Erin McKean’s 2007 TED talk so it seemed only fitting we talk about some wonderful TED words, including ambivert, photograffeur, and biophilia.

  1. 10 Fantastic Fog Words

With our headquarters in San Francisco Bay Area, we certainly know lots of ways to say fog.

  1. The Language of Convenience Stores

Bodega, milk store, dépanneur — how do you refer that little shop on the corner?

  1. 5 Cherry Blossom Terms, Translated

Winter has barely started but we’re already looking forward to sakura season again. For now we’ll make do with these cherry blossom terms, and our most popular post of the year.