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Not that I don’t love lists like this, but we’ve all long wanted more ways to sort through and view the river of comments on the front page. So I just added a page listing the most active threads of the past 24 hours, as dreamed up by Prolagus a few weeks ago.

They’re listed in order of the number of comments on the item (words, lists, and profiles), and show excerpts of the three most recent comments.

This needs some work–I’d like to add different ways to sort, make it look nicer, and include comments on tags, which I forgot. But better half baked than nothing, and this way you guys can tell me where it should go.

Though before I revisit this, I’ll add a most commented on list to the front page, which is a fantastic idea (thanks pterodactyl!).

I just added this same post on comments, in case people would rather discuss refinements to this in situ.

3 thoughts on “Most Active Threads

  1. Hey John,

    Just wanted to let you know that there’s still a broken link in your post. Love the new feature.

    🙂 jennarenn

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