Here’s another do-good-while-wasting-time word site: Like it’s a multiple-choice game, which presents you with a word and four possible meanings. Every time you guess the correct meaning, .01ml of vaccine is donated to the GAVI Alliance, a non-profit dedicated to making vaccines available to the world’s poorest countries.

It’s not quite as elegant as freerice, which has a broader assortment of English words. But Givevaccines has a unique option: in addition to “English words” there’s a “medical terms” category. Not being a doctor I’d never heard of most of these, but I enjoyed guessing meanings based on the root and learning some new words in the process.

Thanks to quotato, who was the first to find givevaccines, and to Dr. Sam Rabinowitz, the creator of the site, who wrote to enlist our help. If any Wordies want to either create new questions or proof existing ones, send contributions to

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