Introducing LEXICON LUNACY 2022!

The month of March is upon us, and with it its attendant madness. College basketball is all well and good, but here at Wordnik we’ll be celebrating the first ever LEXICON LUNACY.

Lexicon Lunacy logoHere’s how it works: 

We’ve taken the 32 most-loved words from 2021 and bracketized them into a single-elimination tournament. Every day this month, you can vote to decide which word goes on to the next round and, eventually, which word will end up the winner.

Some initial observations: 

  • The bracket consists of 18 adjectives, 11 nouns, and two verbs. One word, tatterdemalion, is both a noun and an adjective. 
  • 7 out of the 32 words end in -ous. 
  • Two have also been Wordnik words of the day (ubiquitous on 2011-08-26 and 
  • vespertine on 2016-08-16)
  • The three words with the highest Scrabble scores are conjecture, obsequious, and ubiquitous (tied for 21); the word with the lowest score is susurrus, at 8
  • The word sanguine is included in 538 Wordnik lists; the word accoucheur is on only 16

Head over to Twitter to learn more about the words and vote! 

round two bracket