2 thoughts on “Favorite five-letter words

  1. I came here after the multiple NYT mentions. I like dictionaries of this sort. One particular thing I would like to know (for anyone who cares to answer) is what distinguishes this site from Wiktionary (other than that this is not a wiki). Old media tends to show Wikimedia projects very little respect, but this site seems sufficiently well-grassrooted for such a question not to be dismissed out of hand.

  2. J.D.P — thanks for the nice comment! We’re glad you like Wordnik.

    Wordnik is like Wiki-projects in that there are multiple opportunities for members of the community to add information, but we differ in that we think the core part of the information about words — how they are used — must come from real-life examples. We like our examples to have been written without thinking about how they might be used in a dictionary, which is why we pull them from real text.

    I hope this helps!

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