Dinosaurs! They’re teh alesome, as any 8 or 38 year-old will tell you. In an ongoing effort to highlight brilliant Wordie content*, I present chained_bear‘s completely over-the-top collection of dinosaur and dinosaur-related lists:

Not a Dinosaur
Words of Dinosaurology
Pterosaurs, Ichthyosaurs, Plesiosaurs, and a Coupla Placodonts ‘R’ Us
Prehistoric and Extinct Mammals ‘n’ Stuff
Living Fossils
Prehistoric and Extinct Birds
Dinosaurs that weren’t, but should have been

These comprehensive lists are well-tagged, so they can be sliced and diced by, among other things, geologic age:


and Linnaean classification:


Some related lists you might also enjoy, if you’re in a Jurassic mood:

Geological time scale, by mollusque
Dinosaur Comics, by AbraxasZugzwang

Plus there’s the fearsome tyrannosaurus reesetee. And last but not least, there’s our pal pterodactyl.

Kudos and thanks to chained_bear, this is a prodigious effort and well worth exploring. At least one of these is an open list, so if any budding dinosaurologists* want to contribute, or flesh out info on the dinosaurs and not-dinosaurs in the comments, have at.

Oh, and be advised: it pays to turn on image search when browsing dinosaur lists.

* Such posts will henceforth be tagged ‘teh alsome’ for your convenience.
** Or paleontologists, if you stand on formality.

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  1. Awww!! I just saw this! Only two years late!

    I’m flattered and hope that everyone enjoys the lists. I wish they were more complete than they are.

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