Dictionary Day Photography Contest Winners

Happy belated Dictionary Day! A couple of weeks ago, we launched a contest asking you to show us how you’re putting your print dictionary to non-dictionary use, now that you’re using Wordnik as your main word source.

The entries are in, and we’ve picked our favorites and the winner! Check out the photos after the jump.

We loved Susan Gilpin’s dictionary diaroma:

Susan writes: “I use the side of my OED as one of the walls of a little diorama I have on my bookshelf. On the ‘wall’ is a print of a James Broughton poem.”

And Brian Hartmann’s sweetheart:

From Brian: “Old dictionaries are great for creating Valentines!” Say it with me: awwww!

But we can have only one winner. Drumroll please. . .

From Karen Elizabeth Ross: “A vintage Oxford American Dictionary perfectly props my bedroom window open, as I rest my feet on the sill, enjoy a cool breeze and admire my new fall shoes… two-tone Oxfords!”

Awesome photo (and shoes!). Congrats, Karen! You’ll be receiving a Wordnik T-shirt and some other swag. And thanks again to everyone for playing.

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