WotD Perfect Tweet Challenge – Week of September 16, 2013

Welcome to the very last round-up of the winners of the Word of the Day Perfect Tweet Challenge!

You may have heard that we’ll be discontinuing the contest to make room for some new fun challenges in the future. Until then here are the final winners:

In honor of this last challenge, we’ve randomly picked one lucky twoosher to win a newly redesigned Wordnik T-shirt: congratulations to Simon Lancaster, a faithful and long-time player. Very well-deserved!

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Goodbye to the Twoosh


Over two years ago we kicked off the Word of the Day Perfect Tweet Challenge. Every week we asked you to use our words of the day in twooshes, tweets that are no more than 140 characters.

You’ve more than met the challenge with your clever, often hilarious, and at times moving tweets. But like all good things, this must come to an end.

Starting next week we’ll be discontinuing our WotD Perfect Tweet contest. That means this week will be the last that we’ll be asking you to twoosh the words of the day.

To make this last week a little more special, we’ll be giving away a newly redesigned Wordnik T-shirt to one randomly chosen winner.

But don’t worry: in the future, we’ll still be holding special one-off contests, like our ones that asked you to use our words of the day in a haiku for National Haiku Poetry Day, create fictional dictionaries for Dictionary Day, or devise a new turducken word for Thanksgiving.

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[Photo: CC BY 2.0 by woodleywonderworks]