Dictionary Day Contest Winners: Fictional Dictionaries

Happy Dictionary Day!

Last week we posed the challenge: to celebrate the birthday of lexicographer Noah Webster, make up a dictionary. A fictional dictionary, if you will. A fictionary. You get the picture, and you more than delivered.

We had a lot of favorites. There was the practical, like @TorchwoodPride’s “Intaxication A to Z, a Taxman’s invaluable Insurance against Flaws, Faults, and Forgeries.” There was the trippy, such as @lowdudgeon’s “The Synesthete’s Dictionary – Definitions supplemented with the most common associated colors, sounds, tastes & personalities.”

And we can’t forget the meta, like Kotonosato’s “The Dictionary Dictionary: From ‘The ABCs of Abacuses’ to ‘Zwilliger’s Concise Dictionary of Zulu,’” and @HansonHelen’s “Dictionary of fictional dictionaries.”

A dictionary we’d want to own is runner-up @ChromaGeddon’s “Real-time businessese plugin for video conferencing with translation eg ‘We need synergy’ –> ‘We don’t know what we need.’”

We’d gladly include on our already bursting bookshelves second runner-up @searchlight5’s “The Compleat Dictionary of Words and Phrases Commonly Used by Mimes” (perhaps inspired by The Compleat Angler, or the Contemplative Man’s Recreation), at a very slim zero pages.

But there can only be one winner, and that would be @lowdudgeon and his “Dictionary of Autocorrect Replacements – Near-homophones (of a sexual, scatological or Freudian nature) for all common words.” So that’s where the iPhone gets its words.

Thanks to everyone for playing! All players mentioned in this post will get some lovely prizes. We’ll be in touch soon to obtain addresses.

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