6 Gifts for Wordinistas, last minute edition

A few more good Wordie gifts have come over the transom since last month’s Wordinista gift roundup. If you order immediately, you just might be able to get something shipped in time for xmas. Though you have plenty of time to order a nice New Year’s gift for yourself.

Anything from the Shorthand Press. Erin Healy makes beautiful things–cards, notebooks, clothes–with words on them, and those same words transliterated into shorthand. They’re witty and delightful. Starting around $2.75.

Artificial Larynx. Wordie loves text, but let’s not forget the oral tradition, of which an important part is the Darth Vader voice. “Luke, I am your father!” $529.96

Self-referential shrinky-dinks necklaces. Why have anything, when you can just explain it instead? Via Away With Words. $25.

Helvetica poster. “Meet the cast” poster from the blockbuster “Helvetica.” $20.

Navajo Code Talker GI Joe, for the translator in your life. Says 7 different phrases in Navajo code and English. I stole this one lock, stock and barrel from Language Log.

Noa’s Calendar. From Finland, where all the best calendars come from. More fun with text as graphics–words embedded in sentences. $35.

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