Words in Fashion

Sidewalk-Catwalk: Carmen Marc Valvo design

It’s Fashion Week in New York! To celebrate, we’re showcasing some of our classic collections – the most stylish and sartorial of our lists.

First up on the catwalk, in honor of the haberdasher, “a dealer in small articles of dress and in ribbons, trimmings, thread, pins, needles, etc.; a dealer in hats; a hatter,” we have the Haberdashery and The Worshipful Company of Haberdashers.

Next, we have some Sartorial Splendor (sartorial means “of or relating to the quality of dress” and comes from sartor, the Latin word for “tailor”); some clothing styles and subcultures; and some fashion elegance, oddities, styles, and cool garments.

We have apparel portmanteaus and other silly words (like jeggings, mandals, and skorts); eponymous fabrics and articles of clothing; and even more fabrics and fabrications.

Hats Off! to some hats (we’ll take a fascinator, a tuque, and a pork pie in blue), some headgear (don’t forget your toupee, scrunchie, or tinfoil), and kerchiefs, for the head or hand.  Plus, oh my God, shoes: shoe types, shoes parts, and color words for shoes.

You know the saying: no shirt, no service. So put on these T-shirt animals, these wordy T-shirts worn by Wordniks, or these imaginary tees. While you’re at it put on something below the belt as well.

Feeling dressy? Try one of these dresses, or some ties and neckwear. Chilly? Put on one of these many coats and jackets. And no outfit would be complete without the perfect bag and piece of jewelry. But whatever you do, don’t commit a fashion faux pas.

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[Photo: CC BY 2.0 by Nekenasoa]


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