Wordniks Meet Up


Last Thursday Wordnik had its very first meet-up!

It was great to meet some Wordnik-enthusiasts in person, to hear about their projects (for example, a bot that trolls people who tweet the hashtag #disrupt with a foghorn — now that’s #disruptive), and to play a mean round of Snatch-It (think Scrabble on steroids).

So what’s next? Find out below.

The librarians are coming!

Our next meet-up will be held the evening of June 30 to coincide with the fabulous American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference which is happening right here in the City by the Bay.

Any librarian attending ALA who comes to the June Wordnik meet-up will get a sweet Wordnik notebook. Plus, stickers and snacks for everyone!

Would you like to play a game?

For our July 27 meet-up we invite word game creators and word game players alike for an evening of playtesting (and snacks of course).

Twitterbots for everyone!

You might already know Boston-based developer Darius Kazemi has used the Wordnik API to generate twitterbots like Metaphor-a-Minute — now it’s your turn! Come with your own computer (and maybe an idea or two) to build your very own Wordnik API-based twitterbot. Perhaps you can troll someone too.

Have an idea for a meet-up?

Let us know in the comments! Also, keep up on all upcoming events by joining the Bay Area Wordnik group.

Hope to see you all soon.