Wordie Blog Widget

In response to many requests, I present to you the Wordie blog widget. It displays recent words from Wordie on your blog. You can configure how many words are shown, and choose to display recent words from all your lists, from a single list, or from the site as a whole. Due to space constraints it only displays definition links for Ninjawords and The Free Dictionary. And please note that it uses Javascript, so it doesn’t work on blogging platforms that prohibit Javascript, such as LiveJournal.

There’s a link to the widget generator at the bottom of every page. Per usual, please let me know if it’s broken, or if you’d like me to fancy it up somehow. This time around I actually tested in Safari, Firefox 2, and IE 6.

You can see it in action at the bottom of the sidebar in my erstwhile blog, Fryolator, now mostly defunct.