Wiktionary, Improved Profiles


Here’s a quick overview of some recent site updates. First, Wiktionary has been added as a definition source, giving Wordnik much better coverage of slang and pop cultural terms, among other things. We’ll be periodically re-importing Wiktionary data, so if you’d like to add material to Wordnik, editing the Wiktionary is now one way improve an awesome public resource and help Wordnik at the same time.

Profiles have also been updated. You can show your location, add a web address, and add links to other social services you’re on. Profiles also now optionally display your recent lookups.

Lastly, lists and other pages belonging to specific users now give a synopsis of that person’s contributions, something I personally missed and am psyched to have back. It’s fun to see who the real obsessives are, see when someone has passed a milestone, and to see who’s just getting rolling, so that we can welcome them into the fold.

2 thoughts on “Wiktionary, Improved Profiles

  1. John, this is great news — don’t know how I missed this update last month. And the contribution synopsis is fun.

    Wiktionary does not take the definite article, btw — please just “edit Wiktionary” or edit the Wiktionary entry for a word 🙂

  2. While you’re importing Wiktionary data, could you also add Wikimedia Commons images to the Flickr images?

    Of course that would mean you might get information images like this one for the peregrine falcon entry, but that’s half the fun!

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