Unsocial Sites

Here’s a cautionary tale about how social sites can lose their way, and then their audience. The writer abandoned Digg for Reddit, then Reddit for Fark. Wordie is small and intended for a specific audience, but still, it’s social software, and it’s growing, so it’s good to think about these things. Hopefully we as a community can avoid the kind of mistakes that Digg in particular made. Better to have a smaller community of, you know, brilliant, witty (and very good looking, I’m sure!) people, than appeal to a brazillion trolls. Thanks to npydyuan for the link.

One thought on “Unsocial Sites

  1. You’re welcome for the link. I think to some extent Wordie and other such (though there are no other exactly such) sites become organic– you can only retain so much control over their evolution. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to be aware of some of the pitfalls that await the humanodigital organism out there. I wouldn’t really be all that concerned, except that Wordie is the first “social site” that has ever really appealed to me for more than a few hours!

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