The WotD Perfect Tweet

Today we’ll be launching a new weekly challenge for our Twitter followers.

Use any word of the day (WotD) from this week in a sentence that best demonstrates its meaning in context. However, your sentence must be no longer than 140 characters – in other words, a perfect tweet!  Send us the link to your tweet via Twitter, and at the end of the week, we’ll pick our favorites and feature them on our blog.

What do we mean by “meaning in context”?  We mean show the word in action instead of simply repeating the definition.  For example, the definition for today’s WotD, lorette, is:

a name for a woman who is supported by her lovers, and devotes herself to idleness, show, and pleasure; — so called from the church of Notre Dame de Lorette, in Paris, near which many of them resided.

A sentence demonstrating its meaning is:

Aurore’s mother seems to us, du reste, the perfect type of a Parisian lorette, the sort of woman so keenly attractive with the bloom of youth and the eloquence of passion, — but when these have passed their day, the most detestable of mistresses, the most undesirable of companions.

Of course this sentence is far too long for a tweet. 🙂

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The rules again:

  • Use any Word of the Day from this week in a sentence
  • @ us the link to your tweet (presuming you don’t want “@wordnik” taking up your 140 character limit)
  • We’ll feature our favorites on our blog on Friday the following Monday
  • No hash tag necessary

We look forward to seeing your perfect WotD tweets!

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