The iPhone and the Death of Social Media

This post actually has nothing to do with social media, its death, or the iPhone, I just thought a sensational title that was also a transparent lie would drive traffic*. What this is really about is pimping my own post in the Silicon Alley Insider. Which is not a transparent lie (neither the fact of the post, nor its contents), but it is, like the title above, a naked, grasping attempt to drive traffic to Wordie/Errata, and to get my name in a blog I like.

* This will be the title of all Errata posts from now on.

4 thoughts on “The iPhone and the Death of Social Media

  1. The numbers: my Silicon Alley Insider post of 286 words netted 15 referrals, one for every 19 words. At that rate if I wrote the equivalent of War and Peace–I’m talking quantity, not quality, so that’s 560,000 words–I’d generate 29,473 referrals. If I was able to convert that to a $5 CPM (about 10x what I’m currently getting from Google adwords, but whatever), and I assume an average of 2.5 pageviews per referred visitor, we’re talking roughly 73,682 page views. That means I could convert a War and Peace worth of posts into $368.41.

    So, I wish I could say I was in it for the money, but sadly I can not. It’s really all about the pleasant back and forth. And I’ll have to retire this post title prematurely, because it didn’t help any either 🙂

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