Wordie was featured on TechCrunch tonight. A nice post, complimentary and polite while still pointing out that Wordie is basically absurd. And apparently the site amuses Flickr’s Stewart Butterfield, which amuses me.

Some people got hot and bothered in the first few comments, upset that Techcrunch would have the effrontery to cover something not related to venture capital. But those comments were clearly penned by illiterates (“The quality of Techcrunch is getting bad day by day”, etc.), so you can hardly blame them for not grokking Wordie. I did appreciate the guy who liked our error message, and the guy (I presume it’s a guy), who took such pleasure in getting to use the acronym WTF. Language appreciators both.

Some people get a little crazed about getting covered by Techcrunch. And believe me, I’m psyched about it — I read it every day. But I’m not sure it’s a very wordie crowd. I’m curious to see if it leads to anything besides a momentary bump in traffic.