Hi! We’re Wordnik! Nice to meet you!

Hi! Welcome to Wordnik!

Tenzing the kitten.

Wordnik is a new way to learn about words. Our goal — lofty as it sounds! — is to show you some information about every word in English. (We don’t have every word yet, but we’re working on it.)

At Wordnik, we believe:

  • the best way to learn how to use a word is to see how other people use it. So we’ll try to show you as many example sentences as we can find for each word.
  • information about how a word works is as important as what a word means—so we’ll show you how often you could expect to see a word, notes about where you might find a word, and how a word’s behavior has changed over time.
  • your feedback is important! So there are lots of ways for you to give us yours—you can add tags, suggest related words, point out new words for us, and leave us notes at any word!
  • sites about words should always be fun and never boring.

We’re still in closed beta, but we’ll be open to new users in just a little while — see you soon! Until then, please enjoy the adorable kitten at the top of this post.