Celebratory Haiku!

In our “welcome to Wordnik!” emails we told folks that “we’d love to hear your comments, suggestions, or celebratory haiku.” We’ve gotten oodles of great comments and helpful suggestions, but these brave and lovely souls took us up on the haiku part:

Palimpsests reborn!
Trails of words come slithering
through the intertubes.

—Tom W. (Thosh) (who found us via Making Light, woot!)

Wordnik.com rocks.
Discovering all the words
With my help. Yippee!

—Glenn Atkinson

mental espresso
scrabble serendipity
wordniks don’t mind beta

Jay Levin

and this funny (if not quite polite) offering:

Contextually defined
Bite me, OED

—Hillary Israeli, who said “sorry for being crude, but hey-I’m excited about wordnik!”

(We hope our friends at the OED can take a joke.)

And this one, from Emily Ng, just came in this morning!

Hello Dear Wordnik,
i shall spend countless hours,
Getting lost in words.

Got a celebratory haiku of your own? Feel free to leave it in the comments.