Swagger codgen 2.0 Released!

Swagger codegen is now at 2.0! What does this mean for you?

Swagger codegen is a way to take advantage of the API declarations provided by swagger. Yes you get a beautiful user interface! But having knowledge of your API allows for some amazing things. Swagger codegen provides the structure to take this to the next level.

The code generation is NOT limited to just client libraries. You can see how an interface-driven development process can facilitate your server code as well through some very popular server frameworks (javascript with nodejs, ruby with sinatra, scala with scalatra). But these are just examples–you can easily take advantage of your own framework with codegen. Even more, you can use the mustache template structure to write static documentation, supporting classes, test harnesses, etc. We think you’ll find it quite valuable.

Yes the client library generation is hugely valuable. In the 2.0 release we’ve added support for ruby clients, python3, and objective-c. Again, the templates are YOURS to modify to suit your coding style.

Finally, and most importantly, swagger-ui, swagger-core, swagger-codegen is open source. We have open sourced this framework to give back to the OSS community which has helped Wordnik so substantially. Plus, it’s WAY too cool to keep in-house only.

You can find swagger-codegen in maven central and github.

Thanks, and as always, please feel free to post questions on our support group  or in irc at #swagger

The Wordnik Engineering Team