Still More Glossaries

Here are a few more glossaries, which have also been added to the canonical Glossaralia post. My favorites in this batch are the weather terms and, despite the cheesois design, the Harry Potter words, many of which include audio files illustrating their pronunciation, or one person’s interpretation thereof. A nice touch.

Thanks to Cooper Green for the radio glossary, Katie for the investing and business links, and reesetee for the subtitling link. The glossaries:

Building Terms (
Business Dictionary (
Glossary of Cheese Terms (Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board)
Glossaries (, contains lots of broken links)
Harry Potter (Harry Potter Word Wizard, with audio)
Investing and Finance (
Online News Terms (USC Annenberg Online Journalism Review)
Printmaking Terms (University of Kansas Spencer Museum of Art)
Radio terms (University of Delaware)
Subtitler’s and Translator’s Tools (
Weather Terms (