3 thoughts on “Sough

  1. The pronunciation given in phonetic symbols on the “sough” entry page indicates this word rhymes with “rough.” But the recorded pronunciation is “sow,” rhyming with “cow.” My dictionary (Webster’s New Word, 4th College Ed.) lists both pronunciations, giving the “sow” option first. But surely the more distinctive “suff” is to be preferred. Let’s go with that, eh?

  2. There is a small village in Derbyshire (UK) called ‘Calver Sough’ (pronounced ‘carver suff’).

    I believe the ‘sough’ part means either:

    – a subterranean channel that carries water out of a mine (there was formerly a lot of lead mining in the district)


    – boggy or swampy place (the village is situated on relatively low-lying land).

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