Scrabble for Cheaters

The heroes at 826NYC, the Brooklyn-based children’s writing workshop and local 826 affiliate, are hosting the Wordie event of the season:

“On Saturday, January 19, 826NYC will host SCRABBLE FOR CHEATERS, a tournament of verbal smarts and fraudulence. Teams of two compete in a tournament to determine the “World’s Best Cheater at Scrabble” and raise money for charity. Cheating is allowed, and encouraged. The more money raised, the more a team can cheat. The more a team cheats, the closer they are to glory. Sign up to play. Pledge money to your favorite team. Cheating is the only way to be champion.”

Scrabble is joyless, and I loathe it; there’s no better way to cheapen words than to put them on a grid and assign them points. So subverting it pleases me to no end, almost as much as pirate supply stores.

If anyone out there wants to field a team, Wordie will sponsor you with the entirety of the site’s advertising revenue for 2007: $71.48. Almost enough to buy a vowel and trade out a letter on the tournament cheats menu.

2 thoughts on “Scrabble for Cheaters

  1. What a great idea! How are you going to get around the format, though? The words – cheating or not – will still be on a grid and assigned points.

    Scrabble was invented a while back before television and later the internet destroyed our ability to concentrate on anything for longer than a few minutes. I still find it fun though, and play it in three languages.

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