Requiem for the print OED

My overlord, the Times (actually, Virginia Heffernan, who I’ve never met), has a nice bit in this Sunday’s Magazine about the end of the printed OED, her discomfort over that, and her chagrined realization that most of her dictionary use has been electronic for some time.

As has mine, but it doesn’t make me love my 1934 Webster’s Second any less. But it illustrates the fact that ginormous printed dictionaries are now fetish objects, as often as not. For practical day-to-day use, the Interblag wins.

Heffernan closes with a few suggested lexicographic resources. One too few, as she omits Wordie. Otherwise a great piece.

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  1. Hi John – I have just discovered your blog (via the wordnerds podcast which led me to etymonline and then to you). What an absolutely beautiful blog to read – such a pleasure to look at design wise and very interesting content. Thanks!! Kate in Australia

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