QToro! Toro! Toro!

My pal and fellow LibraryThing alum, Altay, has launched a fantastic new site, QToro. That’s right, the world first and best social network for lawnmower afficionados.

Actually it’s a new trivia site, with all questions contributed by members. It’s beautifully designed and executed, and horribly, amazingly addictive. Already Qtoro is without a doubt the best trivia site on the Interwebs, and it’s getting better by the day as people fill it with a plethora of questions.

It’s hard to say what’s more fun, writing questions or playing the game. Please check it out and decide for yourself–but only if you have at least an hour to kill.

4 thoughts on “QToro! Toro! Toro!

  1. I love this site. It’s fun and exciting and totally addictive in a good way. I think this is the best way to learn fun facts too. A lost of my friends are using it and I cant wait to see what questions they have!

    toro toro!!

  2. I am completely smitten by this site. Even when I get a question wrong, i love reading this explanations. I’m a logophile at heart, but a no-so-closet factophile as well. Congrats Altay!

  3. Thanks for spreading the word, John, and for talking it up, everyone! I’m so psyched that y’all are into it, and I’ve been totally fascinated by everyone’s questions so far.

    divya and angharad, I was afraid of this — I think we’re gonna need to start a support group for Qtoro addicts…

    Bill, I think everyone’s a factophile at heart. =)

    Thanks again, everyone!

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