Nook Sounds

Are you having trouble hearing our pronunciations on the Nook Color with the Wordnik Nook Word of the Day App? Here’s a hint to make sure you are able to hear all the syllables necessary to add these great words to your own vocabulary.

The Nook has two sound controls — plus/minus physical buttons on the side of the Nook itself, and a software control under Settings. Even if the physical Nook button is pushed all the way up, some sounds (including our pronunciations!) will be faint if the other sound control is set to low.

To change this, look under Settings, and find the Sounds tab. The Sounds tab has three options: Mute, Media, and Notification Volume. If the Media setting is set to “low”, our pronunciation will not be audible.

Here are some screenshots to guide your way:

First, find the Settings control panel — it’s here on the right:

Nook Color Settings

Then choose “Sounds”:


And choose “Media”:


Set it to a level you’re comfortable with:


Now you can enjoy the pronunciation of your words of the day, by tapping the right-facing triangle next to the word:



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