Introducing WordKit for iOS

The Wordnik team is proud to announce the WordKit SDK. In our quest to provide word information to any application, we are releasing both a UI and Data SDK which gives developers the ability to easily add in-place word information to any iOS project. The WordKit SDK is a native, iOS library which can be added to your application with a minimal amount of effort. iPhone and iPad formats are supported.

Take a look at our iOS WordKit Developer Page for full instructions on adding WordKit to your iOS application.  Since the SDK is written in Objective C, you can add Wordnik functionality to applications written with UITextView, UIWebView and your own custom view implementations.  When users look up the meaning of a word or phrase they will see definitions, related words, and real-time example uses.  Wordnik’s English language corpus includes tens-of-billions of words which means your users will find the widest range of word meaning anywhere in the world.

Included in our sample code is the skeleton for a full-featured iOS dictionary application, including full auto-complete and Word List manipulation which demonstrates the full Wordnik RESTful API.  We have also included concise command-line examples for playing audio files and performing efficient batch requests.

If you don’t have a Wordnik API key, head over to our developer site and get one for free.  We have a number of resources on the site including a full-featured sandbox to the API which displays raw JSON and XML responses from our live API.

As always, please reach out to the Wordnik team with any questions, suggestions, or comments.   You can reach the Wordnik team a variety of ways, listed on our support page.

Happy Coding,

The Wordnik API Team