Hit Ctl-b: The Boss Button

The Boss Button isn’t some really fine button. It’s an insurance policy that helps you maximize the amount of time you spend on Wordie, and minimize the consequences of getting nothing else done. Or at least it minimizes your chances of getting caught fecking off. There’ll probably still be consequences.

It works like this: You’re in your cubicle, half alseep, trying to come up with an amusing outfit for your vergerhade character, and you hear your boss trudging toward you. Casually hit ‘Ctl-b’ on your keyboard, and the browser window displaying Wordie will instantly go to one of a random assortment of work-appropriate* pages. For further verisimilitude, you can configure the Boss Button to go to a page suitable for your industry or workplace (click ‘edit personal preferences’ on your profile**).

Work is for suckers. Spend more time on Wordie.

* For the most part. Depends where you work. ymmv.
** I added hcard support to the profiles while I was mucking about. fwiw.