Group Lists

Wordie now lets you create collaborative lists. Families, create a shared list for the Airing of Grievances! Friends, list your private slang. Classes, build vocabulary lists, or list and discuss words from a book you’re reading. Create a collaborative dictionary for your profession or a project. Lots of uses here.

To start, create or edit a list. You’ll see two new fields: a radio button which lets you choose whether it’s an individual or group list, and a field where you can invite others, by Wordie name or email. People you list will be sent an invitation to contribute (and join, if they weren’t already a member). Contributors see the same ‘add word’ box as the owner of the list, and the list shows who contributed what.

While I was messing with lists I took the opportunity to clean things up a bit. Everybody’s list of lists now has its own page, instead of appearing as a heap of illegible text, as had been the case.

As per usual, I’m sure I broke tons of shit when launching this, so let me know if anything is amiss, or if you have any suggestions.