Flickr Group, List Descriptions

Two updates today. First, Lampbane set up a Flickr group for Wordies, open to all. I’m thrilled about this — there’s something inately interesting about photos of signage and text, heightened by the slight irony of a group of people from a text-only logophile site sharing photographs. Maybe the slogan for the group should be “Like Wordie, but without all the words.”

This joins the LibraryThing group for Wordies set up by angharad.

One good use for the Flickr group might be posting images related to a specific word list, and it will be easier to link the two now that word lists have proper description fields. Up until now it seems like most of us have been using comments to describe our lists, which was imperfect, since the description would get pushed to the bottom of the page as more comments were added. Well, no longer — you can add a proper description, when either creating or editing a list, and it will stay up top where it belongs, below the list name.