Csókol az én -m csacsi

For the frequent traveler: how to say kiss my ass in 36 different languages. Nice, though if they included a pronunciation guide, or audio, it would be nicer.

From a site about local motocross racing, naturally.

Update: This list is crap. My Spanish is good enough that I should have realized this, but I pretty much just snickered and posted. Apologies to anyone who used one of these in conversation and was made fun of.

I think some… motocross afficionado, I guess, just typed “kiss my ass” into babelfish a bunch of times, and posted the results. The correct Spanish is, I think, “besa mi culo”, but babelfish gives you “besa mis asno”, which means “kiss my donkey.”

4 thoughts on “Csókol az én -m csacsi

  1. I wouldn’t try to use it at the races–that German ass is an Esel, the animal, not the rear end. And you’d be unlikely to use the formal “Sie” in such a situation.

  2. The Spanish and the French versions are wrong, too. This strikes me as one of those lists designed to embarrass the foreigner who is earnestly trying to learn the language.

  3. Mea culpa. Just updated the post to warn people that this is crap.

    Moral: don’t trust linguistic info from “hometownmotocross.com.”

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