Tag All Words in a List

Per the request of Skipvia and others, you can now tag all words in a list in one fell swoop. Click on the ‘add tags’ link on any list page, on the left below the list name.

This tags every word in the list, not the list itself.

If you want to tag every word in a list except for a few, you can bulk-tag the list, then go in to the individual words and remove the tag where not appropriate. So you can tag 498 of the words in a 500 word list in 3 steps, rather than 498.

This is the heart of Wordie: helping you waste time more efficiently.

Better Sorting for Lists and Comments

A small update: lists and comments on words now have more and better sorting options. Comments, previously unsortable, can now be viewed oldest to most recent, or vice versa. Lists had previously been sortable alphabetically, or chronologically by order added. That’s still the case, but now both those sorts can also be reversed.

For both lists and word comments, your last choice is remembered on subsequent words and lists.

Group Lists

Wordie now lets you create collaborative lists. Families, create a shared list for the Airing of Grievances! Friends, list your private slang. Classes, build vocabulary lists, or list and discuss words from a book you’re reading. Create a collaborative dictionary for your profession or a project. Lots of uses here.

To start, create or edit a list. You’ll see two new fields: a radio button which lets you choose whether it’s an individual or group list, and a field where you can invite others, by Wordie name or email. People you list will be sent an invitation to contribute (and join, if they weren’t already a member). Contributors see the same ‘add word’ box as the owner of the list, and the list shows who contributed what.

While I was messing with lists I took the opportunity to clean things up a bit. Everybody’s list of lists now has its own page, instead of appearing as a heap of illegible text, as had been the case.

As per usual, I’m sure I broke tons of shit when launching this, so let me know if anything is amiss, or if you have any suggestions.

Transmogrified List Feeds

Lisa from Sophistechate has built a refurbished feed for Wordie lists using Yahoo! Pipes. It takes the feed from any list page, and adds the row of lookup favicons that appear under the words on the site to the words in the feed. Like so.

One thing to note is that once you’ve generated the pipe, you won’t immediately see the transmogrified feed on the Pipes page, which threw me at first. You first need to click the ‘My Yahoo,’ ‘Add to Google’, or, to see the raw feed, ‘More options’ link.

Thanks Lisa! This joins angharad and uselessness’s Wordie Bookmarklet as another very cool member-contributed utility.

Paginated Word Lists

Finally, word lists have been broken into pages, to make it easier to go through long lists (and to prevent long lists from crashing browsers–Wordie now passes the stpeter test).

I cranked this out, so it’s pretty basic, and probably buggy. Right now each page is 100 words long; eventually I’ll make that configurable, and otherwise fancy it up. Let me know if you see any problems.


My pal Steve just launched Listphile.com, a site for making collaborative lists of all kinds. It’s beautiful, super easy to use, and worth checking out. It just launched, but already has an enjoyable assortment of user-contributed lists spanning the gamut from lighthearted fun (The Dude Abides, Yoda Quotes with Video) to more serious collective information gathering (Open Surf Atlas). Stop by and vote for Wordie on my list of Language-related sites.

Comment feeds for words and lists

Just added a feed for the comments attached to every word and word list, so you can more easily keep track of discussions, or see if anyone has responded to a comment or citation you left. As always, please send me suggestions or bug reports for improving this feature.

Someday I hope to add email notifications for keeping track of various things, but feeds are easier to implement, so that’s what we have for now. Occam’s razor guiding me, as usual.